How to use up your wool stash by holding multiple strands

What are some of the benefits of holding 2 strands together?

You have a pattern and wool you want to use but the wool isn't thicker enough or you don't like the solid colour on its own or you can't find the right fibre content in the thickness you need.... don't panic if you hold the following you can create the next size up in yarn

2 strands of 4ply = DK

2 strands of DK = Aran

2 strands of Aran = Chunky

2 strands of Chunky = Super Chunky

Now you have worked out what type of strands you need to hold together to create the correct thickness here comes the fun part the affect holding different colours together can have!! 

By holding 2 colours of wool together you can create a variegated marl because you will knit each stitch slightly different by pulling through the colours in different orders and create an irregular pattern which is unique to you! 

However you may want to continue with the original solid colour and not to make it obvious that you have held 2 strands together. So you can use both the inside and outer end of the ball of wool to knit the same project or get 2 balls of the same yarn and knit them both together. But would recommend the latter if you have a big project as you won't get as many end to sew in later! 

What you waiting for lets raid that wool stash and local shop and see what we can create!!! 


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