Reusable Sandwich Wrap


-  30cm x 30cm piece of eco-laminated fabric (Eco-laminated 100% Waterproof Dino Charcoal 100% Cotton 110cm Wide)

-  30cm x 30cm piece of contrasting cotton fabric (Spectrum Marine Blue 112cm Wide 100% Cotton)

-  10cm length of 2mm cord elastic (Cord Elastic 2mm, Black)

-  1 large button (Rainbow Stripe Resin, 23mm 4 Hole Button).

Step 1:

Place fabric right side together, and pin around the edges. In one corner place the elastic inside the pieces of fabric and pin (this will make the loop on the outside).

TOP TIP – The loop should face into the center of the fabric, and both ends of elastic should be visible to make sure they are completely sewn in.

Step 2:

Starting in the middle of one side, sew around leaving a 5cm-7cm gap

TOP TIP – Reverse stitch at the beginning and the end to ensure your stitching does not come undone.

Step 3:

Trim the edges of the fabric and turn it right side out by pulling it through the gap you have left.

Step 4:

Press on a low heat using an iron on the fabric side of the square.

Step 5:

Top stitch around the edge.

Step 6:

Take your large button and sew onto the fabric side of the wrap.

TOP TIP – practice folding the wrap in to find the best place for the button.

How to fold your wrap:

Placing your square in front you with the loop pointing up and waterproof fabric side up,  place your sandwich in the middle. Fold the left and right corner into the center and then the bottom corner up to the center. Pull the loop over the button to secure your sandwich inside.

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