The Hungry Caterpillar Quilt Panel

The very hungry caterpillar goes to the cake shop quilting panel 

I used 3 colours from the Makower plain colour range called spectrum to create a striped border. I took my inspiration from the sprinkles for the colours I picked. 

Each stripe of colour had a 5mm seam allowance to keep the seams minimal and not bulky. 

Once all the stripes had been attached I then used 505 temporary adhesive spray to hold the quilt panel in place onto the wadding preventing it from moving when sewing. Another item I used to ensure that the quilting panel and the wadding didn't move apart from each other was I put the open toe walking onto my Janome M100 QDC. I stitch around all the squares images using the variegated 100% cotton thread in the multi pink tones colour 4030. This thread is great for quilting because the cotton thread means its stronger for going through the multiple layers. 

Once this was completed I put my next foot onto the sewing machine to ensure I stitch in the ditch of the stripes - this foot I used is called a 'stitch in the ditch foot' the black bit in the middle of the foot is placed in the seam grove and used to guide you in a straight line making the stitches disappear into the grove and become invisible. This created some beautiful raised stripes and made use of the wadding.

Finally my favourite part was doing the free motion embroidery. For this you need to turn off the feed dogs and put on a free motion foot then simply chose what you would like to sew and have fun!!!  

Lastly I choose a backing fabric and bagged the whole thing out. Don't forget if you want any help with these techniques book one of my rent a table spaces on a Saturday to get assistance from myself during the 2 hour session.

Sarah x  


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